Soooo tired….

Have I mentioned that I abhor moving? So we are slooooooowly moving out of the house into the apartment. And it’s been very trying.

Between the rain and dh’s schedule, things have been extremely frustrating. Rob works T – F 8:30A – 8:30P and Sat 8:30A – 3:30P (yes – over 50 hours). So we have attempted to move the necessities this past Sunday and each of us try to get some packing done when we have time on our own. All the while trying to entertain a 4.5 year old who always wants what’s at the other place instead of where we are packing.

On top of all of this I have CFS (as many of you know) so I usually need the weekend to recharge from working full-time. Ugh, I haven’t gotten sick and hope to keep it that way. Iam just not sure how much longer I am going to be able to keep this schedule up. I really can’t get ill this week because there are 2 folks out on vacation, one stinker is on a cruise. So jealous. If I get sick it will be very very bad.

I think Rob & I are going to have to break down and hire professionals to move a few of the heavier items – TV, freezer, washing machine & dryer – because our help keep cancelling. We also still need to procure a storage unit to store some of our stuff that used to live in the garage and attic, stuff that I don’t want to toss or sell.

The good news is that we are now sleeping at the new place and all of the utilities are in our name. I am loving our new bed (bought at xmas but never assembled til now). Being in the new place, also reminds me how much I like one floor living. Our next “house” will be a ranch of some sort I think, that is if I don’t run away to the wilds of Canada and build a dome, lol. Will be posting pictures once we move the computer, over probably this weekend, unless Rob gets the bug some late evening this week.


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