I’ve snagged a new icon…

Just hadda share.


11 Responses

  1. i gotta have it… please please please!

  2. Wait wait wait – polyester and bunnies?! ::looks around frantically for the nearest bible::

    • Post-Leviticus lookup
      Ohhhhh, OK. I got it. Good god, I forgot how insane Leviticus is. If one locked oneself in one’s room and just sat and breathed and didn’t move, talk, think or eat, it might be doable. But there’s probably something in there about breathing the wrong kind of air too. Oy.

  3. *icon love* That is the greatest thing ever.

  4. That’s a great one. I’ve never seen a Christian (biblical literalist) reaction to it.

  5. LOVE the icon…for many reasons. Nice find.

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