Old Argument

I have a M-F 9-5 job.
He has a day off that is childless.

Which is better? In other words, who can get more accomplished with their time off?

We don’t fight about money. I may worry about it but we don’t argue.
We don’t fight about lovers. I am not built to be jealous and Rob talks about his issues if and when they arise.
We don’t fight about much but we had another humdinger last night because I came home to nothing having been done with the move.

It’s going to be interesting. Rob works T – F 8:30 – 8:30 and Sat 8:30 – 4, when are we going to have time to work together on packing. Late at night or on the weekends, not giving me the time I need to recharge for work.

I really don’t want to get sick. I really, really don’t. Ugh.


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